Travel Medicine

For over 20 years, the Travelers Health & Immunization Center has been counseling travelers to help them enjoy healthy, safe, and exciting  journeys to exotic locations all over the world, and providing travel-related vaccines. We also provide routine vaccinations for adults and college-age students. 


ISTM-logo-R&B.gifThe Travelers Health & Immunization Center is a certified Yellow Fever vaccine provider. Our staff are members of the International Society of Travel Medicine and GeoSentinel.


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  • Nurse Consultations

    During your first appointment at Travelers Health & Immunization Center, you will consult with a nurse specializing in travel health to determine your travel related risks specific to your itinerary. This may include information regarding vaccinations and medications, as well as advice.

  • Travelers Health & Immunization Center Services

    At Travelers Health & Immunization Center, we provide our patients with high quality care personalized to their unique needs.

  • Travel-Related Vaccinations

    Vaccination needs are determined after consulting with the travel health nurse. These vaccines may be routine, recommended, or required depending on your specific travel plans.

  • Work and School Related Vaccinations

    Travelers Health & Immunization Center also provides vaccinations such as Hepatitis B, Meningococcal Meningitis, TDaP, and MMR that may be necessary for school or employment.