Endocrinology Diabetes Care

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Our Fellowship trained Endocrinologists specialize in the care of patients with disorders of the endocrine system. This includes management of diseases related to glands, hormones and metabolism. Some common examples of such issues are diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, and osteoporosis, and pituitary disease.

Our Endocrinologists are experts in their field. They work in collaboration with your Primary Care Physician to provide a team based approach to your care.

Endocrinology Consultations may be arranged by contacting our office at 716-635-0688. We will be available to assist you in scheduling an appointment.

Endocrinology consults are on a referral basis only. A referral from another health care provider, such as your Primary Care Physician is necessary, Self-referrals are not accepted.